RPi-Kit E


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RPi-Kit   E.

  • The E kit will connect to all of the brands list below.
  • AutoIdentify of attached hardware (Locobuffer-USB, PR3, SPROG, LENZ USB, NCE Serial, NCE USB (Note 1), DCC++, EasyDCC Serial, MERG USB, MRC Prodigy)
  • Autostart of JMRI PanelPro with WiThrottle and Web Server.

Many model railroaders would benefit from using smartphones as Throttles, but most are not computer experts, and may be intimidated by the setup required. To lower this bar, we have produced our RPi-Kit  E . In conjunction with Steve Todd and his fantastic Engine Driver Throttle on Android and JMRI. Along with GMB Rail Systems tweaking.

The RPi-Kit  E  is preconfigured with everything needed to get started.

The kit comprises a Raspberry Pi4 computer

White plastic Case or coloured, what ever we have in stock at the time of order.

Raspberry Pi power supply

16 Kg mini SD card pre loaded with the RPI soft ware talking to JMRI.

Instructions on how to set the system up. All you need to do is provide a Android phone or Tablet running the Engine Driver App.

Will connect using Apple devices via the Wi-Fi throttle for Apple.

NOTE:-You will need to supply whatever the interface is that your DCC system uses to connect it to a computer.

Most users of JMRI all ready have a interface.

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