DR60030 with Mounting Bracket


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DCC Central has produced a mounting bracket to suit the DR60030 Servo Motor.

You get

1 x DR60030 Servo Motor

1 x mounting bracket , plus all the screws and nuts and approx 80 mm of  .8mm wire in each kit.

This easy to construct bracket makes it simpler to fit the servo motor to your layout.

With easy to follow instructions along with the screws and nuts to mount the servo motor and some .8 mm wire  supplied.

The servo motor should not be moved by hand with the power supplied to the servo motor. This will strip the internal gears and the motor will not operate correctly, and it will give out a buzzing noise.

If you strip the gears in the motor you will have voided your warranty.

Connect the servo motors to a DR4024 switch decoder to give you the ability to fully program your servo motors.


Weight 0.0150 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm
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