DR5033 -15V- AUS


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Digikeijs have changed the power supplies to all their products.

The DR5033 -15 Volt AUS,  dose come with it’s own power supply, set at 15 volts.

You can use a booster as a power extension on your model railroad. On average, a train consumes approximately 1 Ampère of power.

This DCC booster can deliver up to 3 Amps of power. The DR5033 booster can be used in combination with the DCC protocol. This booster is very versatile thanks to the various connections such as the LocoNet, B-Bus and CDE connectors.

The DR5033 booster is controlled by a microprocessor. Thanks to the built-in and automatic phase rotation short circuits among the

different circuits are automatically eliminated.

Supplied is an Australia Power Plug.

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