DR5013 DigiReverse.


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The Ulitmate Reverse Loop Module.

General product information

Digikeijs DR5013 digital reverse loop module offers a total solution.

This reverse loop module contains many aspects that make it a good

module. Consider, for example, AutoReverse short circuit detection,

reverse section (T, S1, S2) busy notification, an integrated Railcom,

and much more. This reverse loop module also offers you the possibility

of easy configuration via a USB connection.


AutoReverse (short-circuit detection).

Turnout Reverse, via LocoNet® or DCC switch command.

Busy notification of reverse sections (T, S1, S2) via LocoNet® or external

output (for GND / OPTO or CS).

Short detection, reporting via LocoNet and / or SHORT output.

Integrated Railcom® detector for address reporting and POM reading.

SensorReverse (short-circuit-free) via internal and external LocoNet

feedback. High speed, 3 Amp electronic MOSFET relay.

No external power required.

No external occupancy detectors for the “track” are required.

USB connection for configuration

Configuration program and settings and firmware updates.

Download the Digikeijs Product manual.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/10n4xOV2l3YKf0PiBEX-ZipMHYNOSc-5i/view


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