Digikeijs DR5000 ADJ-DCC Command System.


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In my option this is the best DCC system you could have. Value for money is second to none.

What this system can’t do is not worth having. It’s the complete package.

Check out the spec’s.

We supply a Australian Plug for you.


General product information

The Digikeijs DR5000 is a universal DCC command station with almost all currently available bus connections.

Currently we are running trains via wireless connection to the DR5000.

We are using Decoder Pro and the engine driver apt for android. I do like the Engine Driver Apt.

The central unit can be operated with all LocoNet® and XpressNet devices and via WLAN with mobile hand controllers. The DR5000 can be connected to a PC via LAN, Wi-Fi or USB. The LocoNet®, Z21®, DR Command® or XpressNet® protocol can be selected for communication with the PC.

This allows the DR5000 to communicate with any supporting software such as iTrain®, Koploper® Windigipet® Train Controller® and RocRail®. Peripherals such as Roco® Multimaus®, Roco® Wlan Multimaus®, Lenz LH01®, Daisy II® (wired or wireless in connection with the radio master) and other LocoNet® or XpressNet® compatible devices can be connected and used simultaneously.

Power :- Adjustable power supply, supplied.        15 v – 22 v   

Australian power plug included.

The maximum output current of the DR5000 is 3 A. If more power is required, use a booster with an H-bridge output, such as the DR5033. Older boosters with a common ground connection (e.g., Märklin®, Uhlenbrock®) are not suitable and will cause short circuits and/or damage to the DR5000.


Built in Throttle                   Built in Switch Panel

DR 5000 ADJ   DCC   Multi – Bus  Command Station

Technical Specification

Available protocols :-                             DCC

Speed steps  :-                                        14/28/128

Locomotive  :-                                         Maximum 117 loco addresses can be controlled simultaneously

Decoder address  :-                               9999, Long Address short addresses adjustable to max. 126

Magnet article address   :-                  2048 DCC Magnet article addresses

Track current   :-                                     3 Ampère

Track exit  :-                                            H-Bridge


Available connections and protocols

LocoNet B                      Booster connections (max.  40 boosters and max. 128 modules with 16 Inputs RailCom)

LocoNet T                      Max. 128 modules with 16 inputs. RailCom and LocoNet together provide maximum 600mA supply current XpressNet (Max. 30 Multimice /                                                   600mA.

B-Bus                              Maximum 4 boosters can be connected

R-Bus                              Maximum 10 modules with 16 inputs

Ext88N                           Maximum 16 modules with 16 inputs. The bus connection is S88N compatible

RS-Bus                            Maximum 32 modules with 16 inputs

Programming Track    Connection (simultaneous driving and programming possible)

Voltage input                Minimum 14 VDC and max. 22 VDC. Recommended input voltage max 19 VDC

USB                                 USB -B 2.0

Protocols                        LocoNet, XpressNet -USB 3.6, LocoNet Binary, Dr Command and Z21

Lan                                  100 Mbit Full-duplex ( XpressNet -Lan 3.6, Lan 3.6, LocoNet LBServer, LocoNet Binary , Z21

Wi-Fi                                Lenz-LAN3.6 and LocoNet LB Server, ROCO wireless multi mouse.

Infrared receiver           Compatible with Uhlenbrook and Piko.

Weight 1.200 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 10 cm
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