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DR5000 DCC multi-bus command station for your model railway

The DR5000 – DCC multi-bus command station is the command station with all imaginable bus connectors combined in one single device. The multi-bus command station has clear LED indications.

The DR5000 – DCC multi-bus command station can also be connected via various connection options. Enabling you to work with different networks!

Connectivity for the DR5000 DCC multi-bus command station

The DR5000 is a universal DCC control centre with almost all currently available bus connections. The central can be operated with all LocoNet® and XpressNet devices and via WLAN with mobile hand controllers.

The DR5000 can be connected to a PC via LAN, Wi-Fi or USB. The LocoNet®, Z21®, DR Command® or XpressNet® protocol can be selected for communication with the PC.

This allows the DR5000 to communicate with any supporting software such as iTrain®, Koploper® Windigipet® Train Controller® and RocRail®. Peripherals such as the Roco® Multimaus®, Roco® Wlan Multimaus®,  Roco® Z21 App, the Lenz LH01®, the Daisy II® (wired or wireless in connection with the radio master) and other LocoNet® or XpressNet® compatible devices can be connected and used simultaneously.

Power adapter information

The DR5000 sold by us comes with an Australian plug.

The DR5000 -15V- AU is a 15 volt system.

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 20 × 26 × 3 cm
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