58820 ESU V5 Micro


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LokSound V5 Decoder           Developed from scratch.


Our 5th generation of LokSound has been developed from scratch. Thanks to a high performance, 32-Bit microcontroller, we have been able to improve all key features again: LokSound 5 decoders will support up to 10 simultanous sound channels. Each channel will reach HiFi-Quality level thanks to 16 Bit Resolution and 31250 Hz sample frequency. LokSound 5 decoders will bring your model trains to the next level and sound almost like the original. A 128 Mbit flash memory chip allows for enough capacity to hold the sounds


LokSound 5 decoders offer an advanced B-EMF load control that runs with up to 50 kHz base frequency and is optimized for low-noise operation. This is important for coreless motors such as Faulhaber or Maxon and also for Large scale locomotives.  Every LokSound 5 decoder comes with plenty of function outputs and can control servos or SUSI-modules if needed. Even better, every LokSound 5 decoder could also be used with Analog DC (even the small N scale decoder!)

Based on the command station, up to 32 function buttons are supported that can be mapped to any output due to our superior ESU function mapping. Three brake functions and a two-stage load simulation will let you enjoy your model railroad even more. Compatibility with is ensured with our LokSound 4 and Select product lines as well as we have continued to incorporate our “Full Throttle” features, like Drive Hold! Even more impressive is that all the V4 sound files already created (Over 100!) will be automatically converted in a new version of our famous LokProgrammer software so on Day 1 we will have a full library of sounds to be able to choose from!


Please note:

LokSound V5 DCC In the North American and Australian Market will be providing DCC ONLY protocol called the V5 DCC. This will only speak the DCC Language (along with Analog DC of course)

LokSound V5 For Marklin Users, and those needing more options, we will also be providing a Multiprotocol V5 version. This will speak, DCC, Motorola, Selectrix, and MFX/M4 (along with Analog AC/DC of course)




LokSound 5            DCC “Blank decoder”, 8-pin NEM652,

58429 LokSound 5            DCC “blank decoder”, 21MTC NEM660,
58820 LokSound 5            micro DCC “blank decoder”, 8-pin
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