Mission Statement for DCC Central is clear and consist.

Best products, Best Service and second to none support

I have tried the rest, that’s why I bring you the best, in my opinion.

I have always tried to stay ahead with the leading edge of innovation in our hobby.

My company Models ‘N More was one of the first companies to bring laser cut kits to the Australian model train enthusiast.

I only catered for HO scale has the detail I wanted to bring to the hobby could only be achieved in that scale and I couldn’t find other products that would lend themselves to other scales.

I now see DCC as the next area where real innovation is to occur in our hobby.

The Digikeijs range of products represent the leading edge in DCC innovation.

Combining Digikeijs hardware with software such as JMRI offers a low-cost entry into the world of DCC while providing an incremental pathway to more sophisticated levels of train control.

DCC Central, I have tried the rest that’s why I bring you the best in my opinion.


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