PIKO Smart Control FAQ

Is it the same as the ESU one?

Yes it is. The only difference is that the ESU one is called Smart Box and has a 7 amp power supply

The PIKO comes with a 5.3 amp power supply. The guys from PIKO US say that 7 amps is pushing the limits of the system.

Both supply 18 volts.

Do I need a computer to run it?

No the SmartControl has everything inside to be stand alone. A self-contained Android system.

Can I get another hand piece of the grand kids to use?  

Yes you can, except they are very expensive. I am running a couple of ECos apps on Android tablets.

All are easy to down load and some are free. Just WiFi connect your tablet to the Piko SmartControl and your away. If loco that is in your SmartControl will appear in the app.

What advantages has the system over others on the market?

Easy in a nut shell “RailCom” compliance the system recognises “RailCom” which is put into all European manufactured decoders. With a “RailCom” compliant decorder when you turn on the power to the track every decoder that is sitting on your layout will self administer is loco address to the SmartControl. This allows easy location of loco’s.

Can I add my own Loco number into the system?

Yep as simple as fulling off a log. Just touch the three dots top right hand corner of the screen and follow the questions. With in a second you have added the loco. It will stay in the system until you delete it.

How many cabs can I have at one time?

The system will allow you to run up to 32 cabs at anyone time, you can also store over 16,000 loco numbers in the system.

Can I run my Apple Ipad or phone through the system?

No it’s Android based. 7 inch Android tablets are cheap.

What do I like about the Piko SmartControl.


  • “RailCom” Compliance.
  • Easy to use
  • Built in short circuit protection
  • With an ESU or any other “RailCom” decoder every function is on the screen, no need to hit another option and hope that you did that correctly.
  • No computer required to run. If you want to update the system you will need to go on line.
  • Simple to add and remove loco’s
  • Dead simple to put loco’s into a consist, and remove them from it. I have not had a problem, not like my old system.


Faults if any.

The only problem I have found is take it takes a while for the system to wake itself up, and get going.

Only a small distraction from what the system does and can do over what we have used in the past.


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