TCS “WOW” chips.

I am posting a couple of video’s taken in the cave in the last couple of days.

They feature the new and improved TCS “WOW” chip which has syncro chuff in the steam chip.

It really is an amazing step forward and i wonder where DCC will end.

The video is of a Austrains 36 class pulling up the hill and coming to a stop at a station we have call “HOLGER”

HOLGER was put in the give giant a station to use as the cave had already two stations installed. If you are running on mainline 5 you had two stations to stop at. If you were running on mainline 4 you only had the “William James” to stop at.

So i decided to give giant another station so a weatherboard A6 was installed at the top of the incline. It has worked at to be a great asset on the layout.

“HOLGER” which it was called for the first time last tuesday, and i think “HOLGER” will what it will be called until the end.

So that a look at the 36 class pulling into “HOLGER” and let me know your thought.


The second clip is just a short clip of giants 48 class pulling out onto the main at the station runaround, with an ALco working hard on the top tracks.

Giant likes to run three trains at a time when he’s playing. My mighty mountains to the sea train is pulling into William James with a double headed GP60’s in BNSF colours fitted with “WOW chips as well.

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