Brian Moores Trestle Bridges


BM American Stlye Curved Trestle over Two Creeks N scale. No 5

We are very pleased to announce the release of these fantastic hand built Trestle Bridges by Brian Moore.

Brian is an exceptional model maker and his hand cut timber trestle bridges are just amazing.

All the timber is cut to 1/8th of an inch, which equates to 12 inch timber in the real world.

He has spent well over 100 hours cutting the timber then building each bridge.

You buy them complete, he builds each one and packages it up and puts them into the post.

Including in the handling charges is the cost of insurance. We do understand that Australia Post may get it wrong in the handling department.

All the information about the 5 variations that Brian has put up for sale, is available on our website.

These trestle bridges will be the focal point on any layout.

So take a look at the site, they are all on it.

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