Come midnight the 31st January 2016 our 6th Birthday sale will end.

Across out entire range of products you can purchase anything and receive a 16% discount.

All you have to do is fill in the coupon with the code and you receive the presents.

Also Weird Terry is working on the Kiama Post Office and we should have the model on display very soon.

Kevkavan is about to but together a model of the Beechworth Post Office as well. The post office sits on the opposite side of the road to the Bank of Victoria.

Should add to any Australian Layout. We should have it ready for release shortly as well.

Giant George is playing with electrical things as we speak and i am not sure what it going to be. No info as we get closer.

We will be releasing the range of Brian Moores Trestle Bridges on Monday 1st Feb.

Brian is an exceptional model bridge maker and does produce a magnificent example of a wooden trestle bridge.

I am going to get him to make one for the cave. Not sure where it will fit but they are fantastic and every layout should have at least one trestle bridge.

BM Curved America Style Logging Trestle No 1

Here is a little teaser. This is one of Brian’s hand built trestle bridges.Every piece of timber in this American Styled curved trestle bridge has been cut and assembled by Brian. All the information will be on the site this coming Monday.


Don’t forget you win, with our birthday giveaway.


Matt and The Team


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